Where’s Waldo Hunt (annually in July)

**Updated June 2017 – Waldo will be hiding in Durham & Raleigh again this July!**

IMG_20130712_120250Looking for something to do to beat all this rain?  Head out and find Waldo across the Triangle.

Throughout the month of July Waldo is hiding at favorite business all around town.  There are 3 different “hunts” going on: Chapel Hill/Carrboro, Durham, and Raleigh. (Find the links for each of these below.)

My boys and I went out to do some searching this AM (which you may have seen on the MiCHill Instagram feed and on Facebook – go follow us there!).  But I wanted to get this up right away since you only have until the end of July to get your completed passports in.

In Chapel Hill we started at Flyleaf Books and picked up our passport.  In Durham you can get your passport to get started at The Regulator or head to the link below to print yours out at home.  In Raleigh you can get your passport at Quail Ridge Books.

Then start finding Waldo!  The passports will list the businesses that have a small Waldo hidden somewhere within.  In Chapel Hill it is 12 businesses, in Durham this is 40 (40!!) places, in Raleigh it is 23 businesses.  These are all local business, too.  For Chapel Hill/Carrboro it is some of my favorite spots, so it is a fun tour of the town that you can do over multiple days.

But don’t get overwhelmed because you needn’t get ALL the boxes checked to be eligible to win some stuff.  Once you get 10 signatures/stamps in your passport, turn it in to where you started (dependent on which city you are in).

And turn it in right away because there are prizes to be had!  The first 100 folks to turn in passports in Chapel Hill, for example, get coupons and stickers.  But each city does the prizes a little differently so check the rules.  You could win stuff even if you aren’t within the first 100 entries, yet get yours in as quick as you can be eligible for the most swag.

How hard Waldo is to find really depends on the business.  Each establishment treats it a little differently.  One spot we went to they let the kids hide Waldo after they find him…which makes him hard to find and it seemed like a bit of a wild goose chase for a friend of mine (luckily the staff here was awesome, involved,and very helpful).

Either way, though, don’t be shy because businesses know why you are there, they WANT you there, they WELCOME you there, and they know Waldo is lurking.

No cost to play and you don’t even have to buy merchandise at any of the stores to head in.  They are fine if you come in, hunt, and leave…although some of the places are going to be hard NOT to buy something in (I have my eyes on YOU scones at Foster’s).

Have fun with this one and remember, you only have until July 31st to get those passports in!

Shop Local & Find Waldo

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