Art of the Brick in Graham

IMG_4978Got little boys?  Odds are you’ve got LEGOs.  Got little girls?  Odds are you’ve got LEGOs, too.  That is why I am thrilled that a very famous artist, Nathan Sawaya, has brought his famous art to, of all places, Alamance County.  The Art of the Brick, 34 pieces of art created entirely from LEGOs, is now available for eyes in Graham, NC until the end of October.

(If you follow Mom in Chapel Hill on Instagram – @mominchapelhill – you already saw a peek.)

LEGOs have been around for decades because they are unlimited. Use your imagination and you can do nearly anything.  And Sawaya shows kids what is amazingly possible.

The exhibit is housed in the Arts Council building and the Children’s Museum.  We started in the Arts Council.  This is an old house where three rooms are dedicated to exhibits.  There is no fee to view, take as many pictures as you want, and you can take a stroller.  (They do ask for donations but no requirement.)

IMG_4981Online, and in some of my pictures (see over 20 photos of this event at the Mom in Chapel Hill Photobucket site here), the exhibits look like they can be a little intense.  There is a man ripping open his chest with LEGOs pouring out, a LEGO man holding his head in his hands.  But I have a very sensitive four year old and he LOVED this.  There were no issues with being overwhelemed whatsoever.

If you still don’t want to chance it the exhibits located at the Children’s Museum are all very kid-friendly.  There is a castle coming out of a book, a baseball bat with ball, crayons in all colors, and more (again, check out the Photobucket link above).

The Arts Council and the Children’s Museum are right next to each other, the Arts building pretty much sits in the front yard of the Museum, so park for one and easily enjoy both.

You do not have to pay for entry in to the Children’s Museum to see the exhibits but if you want to play at the Museum you do need to pay (see our full review of the Children’s Museum of Alamance County here).  The Art of the Brick is in the lobby area.

IMG_5006The majority of the time (“90% of the time and the weather permitting,” I was told) there is a large tent outside the Arts Council called Bricks 4 Kidz.  In here is a table with a boatload of LEGOs, a lower table for toddlers with Duplo blocks, and a craft for kids to do.  This was a really nice addition.

This whole thing was actually pretty amazing.  To see these pieces of art up close, to see what is possible with standard LEGOs, is mind-blowing.  I have read some conversations on the Internet where folks fervently state that this isn’t “art.”  I don’t know how you define art but this was original, different, required talent, and was certainly inspiring to my son.

I will say that the entire exhibit, in both places, doesn’t take terribly long to view.  If getting to Graham is a drive for you, it is worth it, but plan on also paying to spend time at the Children’s Museum or do some other things in Graham (see our post about Downtown Graham here).  My boys and I stopped for milkshakes at the old-fashioned Soda Shoppe downtown.

Also, the Arts Council building is not huge and this is an insanely popular art show.  They had over 700 visitors the first weekend.  So it might be crowded, depending on when you go.

I asked C if he was going to build sculptures like these when got home.  He sighed heavily and said, “No, Mom, I am not…we don’t have enough LEGOs.”  Obviously.

The exhibit is here in Graham, NC through the end of October 2013.

Art of the Brick
Alamance County Arts Council & Graham Children’s Museum
213 South Main Street
Graham, NC 27253

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