Get Heeled 5K

Remember when MiCHill did the 5K a few years ago?  Remember that Fitness Challenge that culminated in us running our first 5K?  Ah, good times and great memories.

In fact, I have such good feelings from that – doing something healthy, being a good role model for my kids, raising money for a good cause, the community with other runners, a sense of accomplishment – that I have been on the prowl for another 5K to get involved in.

Ok, confession: I actually did The Color Run 5K a few months ago but that had nothing to do with charity or supporting a local cause.  But I had so much fun.

All this to say that when Get Heeled 5K started getting ready for their race on September 14, 2013 I asked if MiCHill could be a sponsor.  (Wonderful businesses are sponsoring us, I wanted to share the love.)

2012-10-15_016Get Heeled 5K is a great event and hits all the high points a “race” like this should.  It raises money for a cause and is an especially fantastic & inclusive family event.

The Get Heeled 5K supports active living, community outreach, and families affected by cancer. They give 100% (you read that right: 100%!) of the funds raised back to UNC Lineberger’s Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Clinic, specifically for Family Support Services.  Over the past 2 years, they have raised over $120,000 back to the cause because of the amazing support of the local community.  I am honored to be part of that local community.

2012-10-15_049I particularly love Get Heeled since it has true family focus.  Not only is it all about helping children and families going through a rough time, but the event itself is a celebration of family.  A lot of kids participate and there is a Spirit Zone at the race.  Family favorites like the Carolina Kids Club, Brueggers Bagels, Carolina Railhawks, Carolina Hurricanes, Mad Popper, Orange County Gymnastics, TCBY, Zumba, and more will be in attendance.  It is simply fun.2012-10-15_048Here is how you can get involved:
– If you would like to donate to the Get Heeled cause head to  (ALL donations are tax deductible and every penny of them will be donated to Dr. Gold/Clinic)

– If you would like to register for the Get Heeled 5K and join me then go to and look on the far right bottom corner to click on “Register.” (Every penny of the registration fee will also go to Dr. Gold/Clinic)
– On September 28, 2013 there is a Get Heeled 5K night at the Carolina Railhawks game.  At this game a portion of all ticket proceeds purchased with the GETHEELED promo code will be donated back to Get Heeled Family 5K!    Visit to get tickets and more information.
Done this event before?  Please tell everyone how it went for you in the comments below.
And, again, I hope you decide to come join me in this event!

Get Heeled 5K 2013

September 14, 2013
9 am – noon
Chapel Hill

Note: even though MiCHill is a “sponsor” there is no money or goods exchanged.  I decided to do this just because I want to support the cause and event.  I hope you will decide to join me!

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  1. JMS
    August 19, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Great post! I will be out there running for my 3rd year in a row.

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