Home Depot Do-It-Herself Workshops

From Sarah C.:


In the past, we’ve shared with you our experiences with Home Depot Kids Workshops and Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics. Both excellent kids’ activities. This time, I tried something different. A friend & I took a girls’ night out and headed to The Home Depot to try our first Do-It-Herself Workshop.

My husband and I purchased a foreclosure house about a year and a half ago. Being avid DIY-ers, we were excited for the possible projects. One of which we are currently tackling is the kitchen and I really want a tile backsplash. My only issue is that I have never tiled and am definitely a bit of a perfectionist so I know I’ll always see any little tiny spot where it’s not level. That said, I still think this project is doable and, fortunately, a few weeks ago the subject for the workshop was installing glass mosaic tile.

The full listing of Do-It-Herself Workshops and registration are located on The Home Depot’s website just like the Kids Workshops (find link below). Once registered, we received an email confirming the class date/time and reminding us to dress appropriately. Both my friend and I were under the impression we’d actually get to try a bit of tiling firsthand. Um, no. Which was my only disappointment in the class.

HomeDepot-TilingClass-DemoThe class ended up being the 2 of us, one other attendee and 2 Home Depot employees. We were shown various products from types of wall adhesives to grout. Explained differences in the products and how to choose which is best for you and your project. One of the employees showed us how to use the easy glue adhesive option and explained cutting tile around outlets, window ledges, etc. Both employees were extremely patient and answered all of our questions.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I do feel much more confident now that this is a project we can tackle ourselves. I’ll be sure to update on how well the class lesson prepared me for the real thing. If you’re considering a DIY project that’s new to you, take a look at their website for class offerings.

Do-It-Herself Workshops
Home Depot
See website for dates, times and locations.

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