Kids Club Crafts at Michael’s

Michaels Kids Club CraftA few weeks ago my friend and I decided to take our nearly-5-year-old boys on a “date.”  We tried out the Kids Club at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store.  Our location of choice was the Durham shop at New Hope Commons.

This was easy fun.  Every Saturday morning Michael’s nationwide offer Kids Club crafts.  For $2 (just $2!) and a half hour anywhere between the times of 10:00 am – 11:30 am your kids can do a craft led by Michael’s staff.

This is very low stress  – no clean up for parents! hooray!  You do not have to register in advance, although you can if you wish.  If you look online (see below) they post what crafts are available on which dates.

We actually called and tried to sign up a few days beforehand but after talking to 4 different people the manager eventually told us to just come in whenever we wanted.  When we arrived that Saturday there was a bit of confusion as to what was going on when we informed staff of our intentions.  But after digging out supplies and paperwork, we were on our way.

Kids over 3 at this event.  You can leave your child to craft in the big room, supervised by staff, while you stay in-store and shop.  We decided  to enjoy this with our boys instead but it is your choice.

The employee leading the craft with our kids was very sweet but not that interactive with our kids.  Of course, she was placed there by default and that was not her usual gig as the person who typically runs Kids Club had called in sick that day.

Our boys had a great time doing this, though, and were quite proud of their handiwork.  And for $2 it was a GREAT date.  I don’t think we could have bought all the supplies for that amount.

Michael’s Kids Club

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