Apex Nature Park & Seymour Johnson Athletic Fields

Just the other month the brand new Apex Nature Park, coupled with the Seymour Johnson Athletic Fields, opened in Apex, NC (obviously).

When The Bug and I had a rare moment to explore one beautiful morning we popped over to check it out.

Brand new = awesome, of course.  Everything is in mint condition and this park is not hard to find. There are some wonderful tennis courts here (a lot of them actually) and plenty of space for kids to run around.

apex nature park

Let me say bluntly that I found this playground structure terrible for young kids.  Sure, it is brand new, but there are so many open ladders and wild climbing things, all of which my 2 1/2 year old loves to attempt, that it was quite frustrating for him and me.  There is an area that is for toddlers only but neither he nor I found it much better.  There isn’t much shade to be had but I like that the ground cover is synthetic.

That said (and hey, we pride ourselves on honesty here at MiCHill), this is a great playground for the older set.   Because the innovative equipment is in brand new, top notch condition, this is a great alternative to some of the more traditional sets out there.

apex nature park

My toddler and I really loved walking around.  From the playground we took a nice stroll along shaded, paved paths up to the ampitheatre area.  We crossed over a creek that we gleefully threw rocks in, and we sung at the top of our lungs in the ampitheatre.

The disc golf here looks amazing, by the way.  Too bad I don’t play…but I might learn for that course…In a similar vein, the dog park here kind of made me want to get a dog…(for just one hot minute, though).

I can’t wait to see how this park grows in to itself.  Even though the play equipment is certainly skewed to an older kid demographic, the park itself is so thoughtfully done.  It can accommodate a lot of people and still has room to grow!

Full list of amenities:

  • Amphitheatre / Classroom
  • Disc Golf
  • Multi-Use Trails / Environmental Education Stations
  • Dog Park (registration required)
  • Multi-Age Playground
  • Lighted Tennis Courts
  • Lighted Soccer / Multi-Use Fields
  • Picnic Shelter / Restroom
  • Multi-Use Trails

Apex Nature Park & Seymour Johnson Athletic Fields

2600 Evans Road

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