Mezza Luna PYO Lavender Farm


This is so cool, friends.  The newest addition to the pick your own roll call, located in Apex, is unique.  Take a trip out to Mezza Luna Lavender Farm before they close up for the summer!

With 15 varieties of lavender and rows and rows of beautiful bushes, various shades of purple and white, this farm looks as pretty as it smells.

When you arrive at the farm, you pay $8.00 (cash) to pick one bundle.  At this time you are handed a rubber band with a tag and as many pruning shears as you want.  Note: I have a 2 1/2 year old and these “shears” were dull enough and small enough that I felt comfortable letting him try them out with my direct supervision.  But, of course, don’t let those kids go running around with them and certainly pay attention.

All the rows are labelled with the varieties and you can receive a paper with the recommended uses for all the different types if you ask.


There is corn hole, picnic tables under shade tents, and when we were there there was face painting and fingernail painting (for free).

One bundle is a LOT of lavender.  At first I thought “gar! $8!  Should I get 1 bundle per kid!?  Because that just got more pricey than I anticipated!” but we started with 1 bundle and before we had finished filling it my kids had lost interest.  So it was enough.


I also really enjoyed how diverse the picking audience was here.  It wasn’t just families.  Since there aren’t that many places where you can pick your own lavender (any others at all?), there were many people enjoying this farm.

IMG_9876They are open during the week for modified hours and for a few more weekends – until the blooms fade.  Mezza Luna does a great job keeping their Facebook page updated (see below) and you can also call ahead.

Oh, and bring your fancy camera.  This makes for some wonderful, unique photos opps of your little bundles.

Happy picking!

Mezza Luna Lavender Farm

1850 New Hope Church Road


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  1. June 17, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Loved the “flavor” of the writing about this lovely lavendar farm. Colorful memories are made here.

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