Tumble Babies at The Tumble Gym

IMG_20130118_133351I have an amazing secret to share with you parents: The Tumble Gym offers classes FREE to babies under the age of 2.

Consider your time on this blog paid!

The Tumble Gym in Chapel Hill (which we’ve shared their Open Gym information here, and they do still hold Open Gym even though their website keeps changing the hours, so call them! We still go alot and hot days are coming!) offers a Tumble Babies class that is free until your child turns 2.

Well, you do have to pay the registration fee.  Something about liabilities and waivers.  But that’s nothing compared to other kids’ classes in the area.

The class is as structured as it can be with a bunch of kids with varying developmental abilities and ages…and none with an attention span.  But the sweet staff offers obstacle courses to try, songs to sing together, and general assisted open play.  The best is that you can play with your baby in a soft, squishy, safe environment among other parents who are in a similar place.

These fill up quick, though, so if you are interested get on it!

The Tumble Gym Tumble Babies Class

601 Market Street
Chapel Hill


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