A Dad’s View on some Back-To-School Supplies

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a Public Relations Representative in Arizona asking if the “Mom” in Mom in Chapel Hill would be willing to do a segment on local television talking about some new back to school supplies. I gave the PR rep a call and explained that Mom In Chapel Hill is now a Dad but I would be happy to do the segment. After an awkward silence I got the “we’ll get back to you” line and quick goodbye. I filed the email away thinking that I would never hear from them again and went about my day. Low and behold I got an email a couple of days later saying they would love to have me on and they mailed me a bunch of cool stuff to play with and comment on, which is pretty awesome for a simple stay-at-home Dad! So now you can tune into Raleigh’s NBC affiliate this Friday at 11:30am to see me on TV! I am smelling a ratings disaster:)

Here are the products I will be talking about during my 3 minutes of fame, er I mean infamy:

mydrinkyMy Drinky: Ok, this is seriously awesome. It’s a juice box holder that actually works and holds even the smallest juice boxes. My 2 year old doesn’t get a juice box very often for 2 reasons: he always makes a mess and I always have to clean it up. Now, no more mess and I have one less thing to clean. Thank you juice box holder inventor:)


LabelsInchbug Orbit Labels: These are pretty cool labels, they wrap around whatever you want to label and come off easily, which is convenient. They come in a variety of colors that you can have your kid’s name printed on at no extra charge. They fit nicely around a wine glass which is an added bonus but probably not the intended use. I am not much of a “label” type Dad, but if you are the super organized, label everything type they are a home run.

SachiBagsSachi Fashion Lunch Handbags: Ok, this was a challenge for me to review so I turned to my 15 year old daughter for her “expert” opinion. And I quote: “The bags are pretty cool. I like all the different colors. I would use the messenger bag and probably the lunch tote as well, they’re kind of my style. I think it’s a good product and way better than the ones you buy us from Target.” Truer words never spoken:)

celevercratesClever Crates Folding Utility Boxes: Step back folks while I roll up my sleeves and get ready to do one of my most favorite things in the world, organize stuff into boxes. These clever crates are amazing! The fold down so I can easily store the ones I am not using at the moment. They easily pop back up so I can fill them with a bunch of kid crap toys/stuff and then arrange them on shelves or in the closet, etc. These are brilliant and I will be ordering more.

NuFootNuFoot: Um, yeah. This isn’t something I would ever wear so let’s call in the resident slipper/sock/my feet are always cold expert again, the 15 year old daughter. Quote: “Are these supposed to be for Grannie? she asked. (I explained they could be but they are more for college kids). Ok, then. They are definitely easy to put on. They grip the floor and I am not slipping. Not sure I would wear them in place of a pair of socks or my slippers because I really think they are for Grannie and you’re playing a joke on me”. So that’s honest at least, right? The NuFoot is exactly as described ” Waterproof, super-stretchy, easy to clean and sturdy enough to wear every day.  Additional features include ergonomic designs and anti-skid soles.’ I’ll send them to Grannie and report back later.

SoundoasisSound Oasis White Noise Machine: We have a winner! My 2 year old needs white noise to fall asleep and I have just run the dryer since he was a baby to provide it. I simply timed a load of laundry for the evening and dried it overnight, pretty easy. This machine is much better. I put it on a bookshelf in his room and he was zonked quickly. The dryer would always turn off and he would rustle for a bit until he fell back asleep, did not happen with the Sound Oasis. This one is a keeper and a family favorite.

So there you go, some honest feedback on a few of the newest back-to-school gadgets. Time to do some organizing and have a juice box with my new My Drinky.



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