A Mom’s View on Tailgating and Grilling Gadgets

When I was asked by My Carolina Today to make another appearance my first thought was “Yes! I am a budding television personality!”, then reality set in and I realized that is so far from the truth it’s ridiculous and they asked me back because the PR guy needed some more products hocked. No worries, I will take it of course:) The problem is that I am headed to Washington, DC to run a marathon so I asked Nicole Galiger, a strong supporter of MiCHill and of 31 Gifts fame, sot step in for me and she graciously agreed. She is way more camera friendly than me so tune in to see her in action. Her is her first blog contribution. Thanks Nicole!!!

For this review, I had a great time checking out awesome fall tailgating products. As a mom of three sons, tailgating and grilling are a way of life!   I had no idea what was missing in our life until I tried these goodies.

bottlebossA winner out of the box was the bottleBOSS, I won’t say who, but one of our adult family members has taken this as his own. It’s known as the world’s thinnest bottle opener. I also won’t share how we have opened bottles before, however, I love how you can fit it in your wallet. Which he always carries. Thankfully. It’s about a credit card size with an optional money clamp. You’ll always be prepared like a Boy Scout. Retails for $9.95 – $20 and can be embossed with cool images like a cowboy or mustache. No more using your teeth to open beer bottles!

coolerWe all get thirsty while tailgating, it’s an exhausting job J  The Sachi Pop-Up Cooler was perfect for our fall party last weekend.  The Pop Up Cooler expanded easily and then collapsed to save space and make for easy storage.  A zipper around the top edge as well as a small top access door made items inside easily accessible. The lining is leakproof and comes in several fun designs.  With several fun prints I think this will make an tailgating wife happy! Retails for $32.95

grillwipesDon’t you hate when you food sticks to the grill?  At least twice a week we are grilling out and always while tailgating so I was excited to share the Grill Wipes for my husband to check out.  The Grill Wipes come $2.99 for a pack of 6. You simply attach them to the bristles of any grill brush it cleans AND oils your grill. No more broken burgers or chicken! Unlike spray products, they are not flammable so your grill won’t be coated with hazardous materials. It also makes your grill easier to clean up after cooking (moms love that!) They are non-toxic and biodegradable. Great stocking stuffer for dads.

padsAnother handy grill tool we tested was the Groover Cleaning Pads.  They are the easiest and quickest way to dissolve grease and clean up your grill. No rinsing needed (moms love that too).  The Groover pads are individually wrapped grill-cleaning pads that are pre-saturated with heat activated cleaner, designed to be used on a heated grill.  The Groover is food safe and leaves no chemical smell or taste, so grilling can begin immediately following cleaning and cost just $8.99/6 pack.  Anything that will make cleaning easier is a winner in my house.

bugsWhat fun is grilling and tailgating when there are bugs? We love to be outdoors and found this petite ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern, a mosquito lantern and insect repellent perfect size for camping, sitting on the porch, and tailgating! You can use it just as a lantern or as the repellent with a 15×15 mosquito free zone.  DEET-free, odor free and 98% effective!  I appreciate the petite size so when I am camping with the scouts I will have my cute little bug repellent lantern and not smell like a can of bugspray.  It is the most effective insect repellent device out there!The lantern runs on a butane cartridge that heats a mat soaked with an insecticide. Super light weight, it runs on 4AA batteries. Hang from your tailgate tents!

These products are great for tailgating, grilling and for those outdoor moments with family.  Share how you use yours with us today!

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