Strength for Motherhood

Meet Amy Rosso, owner of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Fit4Mom and Stroller Strides franchise and a new contributor to Mom In Chapel Hill. We are thrilled to have her on board, she is awesome!

Amy and SophieI envisioned being one of those ridiculously adorable pregnant women who exercises with a cute little basketball belly. I was always active in sports and loved running. I planned to rock sporty, yet fashionable maternity active wear. When doctors learned I had Placenta Previa during my 20 week ultrasound, any plans I had be the cute, sporty prego went out the window. Since my first trimester free time was spent either sleeping or barfing, it wasn’t like I had to give up my existing exercise routine. So I took it easy and enjoyed leisurely strolls.

I heard from friends that pregnancy weight “just falls off” with nursing. Breastfeeding was challenging for me. I met with Lactation Consultants, did pumping sessions, and stocked up on broth-based soup, Gatorade, and Fenugreek. Just for fun, my hormones added a solid dose of Postpartum Baby Blues to the mix. I was a poster mom for the articles you read late night on Facebook entitled “What I Should Have Known About Becoming a New Mom”.

I knew getting out of the house to exercise with Sophie was an all-around win for so many reasons. Fresh air for her, new scenery for me,  shed some pounds that were not “just falling off”, and maybe met other moms who felt like I did – so unbelievably lucky to have this amazing little creature…but also missed her own sense of self.

I decided to stop thinking about exercising and find a way to do it. I Googled “Stroller Fitness” and up popped Stroller Strides. “Fitness for Mom, Fun for Baby”! Sounded fun. Is this just a walking club? Will I sweat? What if I‘m too out of shape? Maybe I’d (gulp) meet mom friends. Would they like me? What if I talk too much?? Heck with it, I’m going! I created my account and signed up for my Free First Class.

The class met at 9:30 am. I started getting ready at 7:30 am with feedings, diaper changes, and car loading. ISS image 3 miraculously got there on time. I saw another mom in the parking lot. She peeked into my stroller. “She’s so cute and tiny! OMG, you got here. That’s amazing!” Another mom introduced herself and must have seen my exhaustion in my eyes. “You are doing great. It gets easier,” she said. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was worth it already.

I quickly learned during the warm-up it was NOT a walking club, and I would sweat. The instructor was fit and feisty. She had an awesome workout planned, and gave me low impact options. We did cardio bursts and could walk, jog, or run between toning stations. We used resistance bands for strength exercises, sang fun songs to the kids, supported each other, and most importantly, had FUN! The older kids loved looking at baby Sophie, and Sophie cooperated (more or less) during class. While it was organized chaos to get there, I was so glad we went. I felt proud of my workout, met other moms, and got some helpful advice about maternity sports bras and post-baby Jumping Jacks leakage.

Stroller Strides became a regular part of our lives. During Sophie’s first year, I got stronger and faster than I was pre-baby. Before becoming a Mom, my farthest running race was 10 miles. Two weeks before Sophie’s 1st birthday, I ran myimage 4 first Half Marathon by training with other moms. One week later I ran the Army 10-Miler in Washington, DC at a pace faster than prior races. Fit4Mom helped me be the fit, strong mom I envisioned. It helped me find my sense of self. Fun Moms Night Out and playgroup events were icing on the cake.

I’m so thrilled to bring Fit4Mom to Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Stroller Strides meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Southern Village from 9:30 – 10:30 am and Saturdays at Great Meadow Park in Briar Chapel from 9:00 am – 10:00 am. Visit to learn more.

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