Crossfit for Kids? Oh Yeah!

As parents we are always looking for new and fun ways for our kids to stay active especially during these hot summer months. As a mom, I am also looking for activities that teach my son how to become better at anything he’s pursuing; whether it’s sports, science or foreign language, I am here to support and foster his growth. That being said, there are so many great camps that do just that! Since I am a coach and trainer by trade I have to give a shout out to a new program that’s just long overdue.

IMG_1412CrossFit Chapel Hill is featuring a Strength & Conditioning summer camp this year for rising 7th to 11th grade boys and girls. The goal of this camp is to prepare young athletes in the off season to become better athletes in their sport, or any sport. This camp is about movement quality and teaching young athletes how to use their bodies efficiently minimizing injury and maximizing performance. It’s also great for kids looking to become more athletic, try some Olympic weightlifting under the watchful supervision of an experienced coach or dip their toe in the CrossFit waters.

This camp was inspired by the moms of CrossFit Chapel Hill who coach and train athletes everyday. We saw a need for more development opportunities for young athletes that focused less on sport specific skills and more on improved coordination and movement across all sports. Many of our female coaches with kids have already seen the benefit of CrossFit for their young athletes and often bring their kids to classes to workout alongside them. That’s how one of our coaches, who is also a mom of 4 very active boys, came up with the idea of developing a camp specific to the training needs of these young athletes! In developing this program a team of moms who are also trainers looked at common weaknesses in athletic development and programmed the camp to address these.

With that in mind, this camp will feature specialists in the following sections : mobility, powerlifting, OlympicIMG_1688 weightlifting, core stabilization, endurance and running technique. It will also offer unique movement reeducation training to teach athletes to move better from the ground up. This systems works to improve neuro-patterns, directly translating into better coordination, explosive speed, stronger more well rounded athletes. Created by moms for their kids, this program has a unique advantage in its ability to train young athletes effectively.

Camp dates are July 13-17 & July 27-31. Hours are 9:00-12:00 with the option for early drop off at 8:00am. Camp will be held in our air conditioned state of the art facility located at University Mall, Chapel Hill, and as an added perk, we are offering parents a FREE week trial of any Crossfit class!

For more information and registration details, visit our website

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