Life + Science: Hideaway Woods – Durham

The Museum of Life + Science has consistently been a favorite spot of ours. The newest section, Hideaway Woods, opened last fall and only added to the enjoyment!

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Tree Climbers

Tucked into a 2 acre space surrounded by the train tracks, Hideaway Woods is full of natural play fun. There are trees to climb, treehouses to climb into, paths to explore, slides to ride, hammocks to relax in, and a creek to splash in.

The main treehouse area features 8 sections connected by ramps, stairs, and ladders. The lower 4 are pretty easy for the entire family to make their way up into.

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Treehouse

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Treehouse

The upper four sections will require a little more effort. Thus the “Confident Climbers Only” sign at the connector. (Take note: parents you can definitely climb up there, just be prepared for a little more of a challenge on some of the rope ladders since we tend to weigh them down a bit more than the kids. 😉 )

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Confident Climbers Sign

In the back of Hideaway Woods, smaller kids (ages 6 and under) have their own smaller tree house, slide, and natural play area to explore. It’s fully fenced in from the remainder of the area except at the single entrance.

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Young Explorers

Between the Young Explorers and the bigger treehouse area, are hammocks for relaxing and a nice, meandering nature path to explore as well as more challenging options.

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Sensory Ramble

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Sensory Ramble

Head back towards the front to play in the walkthrough sculpture, Sweetgum Thicket. The main path surrounding Hideaway Woods passes through one section, but you can freely roam any of it. It’s perfect for hide and seek! Can you spot the one child in the photo below?

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Sweetgum Thicket

And, in the middle of it all is a creek that invites kids to splash freely. Be sure to pack appropriate footwear & a change of clothes for the hot days ahead!

Life+ Science: Hideaway Woods Creek

Things to note: the majority of the paths here are compacted dirt. You can use your smaller strollers, but be prepared for puddles and mud on or after rainy days. Also there are bathrooms and a changing area near the Young Explorers section at the back. Perfect for changing out of wet clothes if needed.

Hideaway Woods is included in museum admission. See website (listed below) for hours and prices.

Museum of Life + Science
433 W. Murray Avenue

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