Nature Stories at Prairie Ridge – Raleigh

Whether you are looking to get out of the house with your toddler or for a family adventure during summer break, consider the Nature Stories program at Prairie Ridge Ecostation. The program takes place weekly on Thursday mornings and is geared toward ages 6 and under, but all are welcome.

Prairie Ridge Ecostation: Nature Stories

Nature Stories begins in the amphitheater next to the Natural PlaySpace and starts, appropriately, with a story. During our visit, we listened to a book about rodents then discussed what types of animal were rodents (rats, yes. Chickens, no). Afterwards we went on a short walk to see if we could spot any rodents nearby or at least signs of some. The staff told us there is a groundhog that lives in the area. We didn’t see him or any of his friends (although, really, wouldn’t you run and hide too if you heard a noisy group of toddlers & preschoolers headed your way?).

After the program was over, we stayed to enjoy the PlaySpace and burn some energy. On our way out to head home for lunch, we spotted this big guy:

Prairie Ridge Ecostation: Snake

If snakes aren’t your thing, no worries. He (or she?) was happily relaxing on a log right by the paved path and didn’t even bother to lift his head to look at us. Honestly, I’m not even sure my toddler noticed him. I paused long enough to take a photo and respect his size before heading on with our journey.

Note: the activities do take place in and around the Natural PlaySpace. You will want to dress for the weather and wear closed-toed shoes. Also, bring a jogging style stroller and/or baby carrier if needed for your smaller children. Bathrooms and a diaper changing station are available in the adjacent Outdoor Classroom building.

Prairie Ridge: Nature Stories
Thursdays from 10:30-11:30a (check events calendar to be sure) | Events
1671 Gold Star Drive

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