West Millbrook Middle School Park – Raleigh

One Sunday afternoon we set off to visit Honeycutt Park in north Raleigh. Only I mistakenly got off 540 at the wrong exit. Realizing my mistake, rather than turn around, I opted for the “scenic” route and drove down Strickland Road instead. As we approached West Millbrook Middle School, I saw a sign that had caught my eye a few times in the past noting a “park.” I’ve never found any information about it searching online so we decided to take the opportunity to explore and see.

West Millbrook Middle School Park: Kids Lot

As we pulled into the small parking lot, I was less sure noting only athletic fields on either side of us and both were bustling with activity for team practices. But then I spotted something tucked back into the trees – a playground.

Sure enough, almost out of sight behind a building with restrooms (which were locked) we found a small single piece of equipment. Designed for ages 5-12, it features several options to climb (steps, ladders), a connector tube, and 4 slides (tube, spiral, and a double).

West Millbrook Middle School Park: Kids Lot

My assumption is it’s best used and enjoyed by smaller siblings waiting out games, but, at least during our visit, we had it entirely to ourselves and had a great time. Both kids (1 and 6 years) enjoyed climbing and sliding. And, surrounded in trees, it was a nice shady spot which might make this a perfect place to enjoy on upcoming hot summer days.

Millbrook Middle School Park
8115 Strickland Road

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