Walnut Creek Wetland Center – Raleigh

Exploring our local parks does not have to be reserved for only warm, dry weather days. Often you can find something to do even on the cold and/or rainy days. The Walnut Creek Wetland Center is one of these such places.

The Wetland Center is located directly off Peterson Street in south Raleigh. Inside you’ll find a small museum of sorts. There are informative displays, books to enjoy, even a few toys & puzzles plus craft table for kids.

Walnut Creek Wetland Center: Books

Ready to get outdoors and see a bit more?

Follow signs in park to take a stroll on Little Rock or Walnut Creek greenway. You can even walk to the State Farmers Market! Find a map of the greenways on the park’s website listed below.

Explore the wetlands. If you forgot your boots, ask staff in the Wetland Center about borrowing a pair and maybe some binoculars too to use as you explore.

Kick back in one of the rocking chairs, relax, and do a little bird watching. You could also select a book from the Free Little Library to read. Surprisingly, this was one activity that entertained my kids for about 15 minutes.

The Wetland Center also hosts a variety of programs for visitors of all ages and throughout the week (even weekends – which is helpful for working parents). Some of the programs are free while others have a small fee. Check their website for further details.

Truly, there are lots of possibilities at the Wetland Center making it well worth the visit regardless the time of year or weather. Oh, and don’t forget to say “hi” to the Center’s mascot – Mr T the turtle. If you time your visit right, you might get to help feed him.

Walnut Creek Wetland Center: Mr T the Turtle

Park Amenities:

  • Lobby featuring monthly exhibits, books & crafts for kids, etc.
  • Wildlife watching
  • Greenway access
  • Restrooms

Walnut Creek Wetland Center
950 Peterson St

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