NC Zoo: Acacia Station Giraffe Deck

Visiting the North Carolina Zoo‘s Acacia Station Giraffe Deck and feeding the giraffes has been on my “want” list since it first opened. It’s a special exhibit that is only open for a few hours each day during the warmer months. Since my family often visits off-season, we usually found it closed altogether or, in one instance, our timing was just off and the giraffes weren’t biting when we stopped by.

NC Zoo: Giraffe Feeding

Finally, last fall, the Acacia Station was open, the giraffes were interested, and we got our opportunity. This particular exhibit is an additional fee on top of zoo entrance, but very inexpensive at $2 per person (cash only). You pay at the Acacia Station and the zoo staff is very good about telling you whether the giraffes are nearby or not before you spend the extra money.

My kids loved it especially the 7 year old. And, as luck would have it, only a few people were on the deck while we were so we got to stay and watch the giraffes for quite a while. I feel like I could watch giraffes all day. Such gorgeous creatures. I was both humbled and amazed at being so close to them.

Interested in another “extra” while visiting the zoo? Be sure to check out the Air Hike Ropes Course.

Acacia Station Giraffe Deck
North Carolina Zoo
April – October 10am – 2pm daily
$2 per person (cash only)

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