Neuse River Greenway Trail Sunflowers

Last summer I started noticing photos of sunflowers popping up throughout my social media feeds. They were all local and all coming from one spot just southeast of Raleigh along the Neuse River Greenway Trail. Curious, my husband, kids, and I headed out to see them for ourselves.

Neuse River Greenway Trail Sunflower Field

The City of Raleigh has been growing these sunflowers annually. They are more than just a beautiful sight in the summer, the flowers are doing work too helping to keep nitrogen-rich soil in this biosolids application site from washing into nearby streams and rivers. Afterwards, the City harvests the sunflower seeds to use for biodiesel.

Neuse River Greenway Trail Sunflower Field

Last year the sunflowers were located right beside Brown Field Rd making them easy to see. This year, the flowers are in a different spot and will take a little more effort to get to. Here are the directions from Raleigh Parks & Recreation website:

To view the sunflowers, you can park at the Auburn-Knightdale lot located at 2901 Auburn-Knightdale Rd (approximately 2 miles to the sunflowers) or you can park at the Mial Plantation access point located at 6008 Mial Plantation Rd (approximately 1.5 miles to the sunflowers).

Enjoy! Take lots of photos. Just remember the one rule – no picking.

Neuse River Greenway Trail

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