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Winter months are one of my favorite to explore parks. Yes, it might be cold, but there is still plenty to see and do as well as burn kid energy. In November, a couple of artists used chainsaws to create a piece of art from a fallen red oak tree at Umstead State Park. It’s been on my “to see” list since and, last weekend, we took advantage of the sun and 40 degree temperature to seek it out.

Umstead State Park: Chainsaw Art

The art is located adjacent to the Graylyn Multi-Use Trail. There are a number of ways to access this trail, but given the chilly temperature and small legs, we opted for the shortest route. We entered the park from Highway 70/Glenwood Avenue and parked in the Sycamore Parking lot (see map below). Then followed the trails about half a mile to the art.

Umstead State Park: Chainsaw Art Detail

It was well worth seeking out. The carvings are beautiful. We spent a good amount of time just looking at them and taking photos. My son was counting and naming the variety of animals in the piece.

It was also nice to get out, take in a bit of fresh air, and explore a new to us spot. We’ve visited Umstead numerous times, but this was our first time in this particular area of the park. We’ll definitely be back for another visit and chance to check out the chainsaw art again.

Umstead State Park: Chainsaw Art Map
Directions to the Chainsaw Art from the Sycamore Parking Lot: Follow signs to the trailhead. Continue on the trail until you reach Graylyn Multi-Use Trail. Turn right. You’ll find the Chainsaw Art a bit further down on your left. Altogether, it’s about a mile hike round trip.

William B. Umstead State Park
8801 Glenwood Ave
(919) 571-4170

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