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I loved being pregnant. Loved it. Especially watching my belly grow. There was something magical about it. But post babies? Let’s be honest – I want to get rid of the extra squish left behind from getting stretched out plus a few less than healthy calories I’ve enjoyed. Enter Body Back with Fit4Mom.

Fit4Mom: Body Back Program

I knew from experience when both of my kids were little that I enjoyed Fit4Mom’s Stroller Strides classes. They were the perfect opportunity to get out with my little one, get in a workout, and have a little social time with other moms. It was a bit of “mom sanity” especially in the days after my youngest was born and most of my friends’ kids were in preschool or beyond. These workouts gave me a bit of a village as well as helped me get moving and working off the baby weight.

But now that both are past the point of sitting in a stroller while I workout and I’m juggling a full time job too – I needed something different. This is where Body Back comes in and it’s exactly as it sounds. This class is perfect for moms to get their body back after having kids.

Fit4Mom: Body Back Resources

Unlike Stroller Strides, this isn’t a periodic drop-in class. You sign up for an 8 week session that includes 2 high intensity interval training classes per week, a nutrition plan, assessments at the start and finish, weekly weigh ins, etc. Plus, once again, you’re surrounded and supported by other moms.

I just completed my first 8 week session and was so thrilled with the results (over 5 pounds down and almost 3 inches off my waist plus muscle gain!) that I’ve signed up for another session. If you’re looking for a way to focus on your health and get your body back before swimsuit season arrives, check out this program.

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