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Founded by Allison in 2009 as Mom in Chapel Hill, Mom in the Triangle has grown to become a valued resource for many parents in the Triangle, an accomplishment that is simply inspiring and one she is so very proud of.

sarah c.

Sarah CogginsI graduated from NC State University in 2000 with a degree in Environmental Design in Architecture. I spent the next 9 years working in commercial architecture designing everything from churches to car dealerships. After my son’s birth in July 2009, I planned for 8 weeks maternity leave. The economy changed those plans and I became a full time stay-at-home mom. I have since returned to working full time outside of the home, had a second child (a little girl!), became a SAHM again, and currently am working part time. Being an energetic person (read: can’t sit still) and having been immersed in the blogging world for over a decade, joining Allison on this adventure has been a natural fit. Thanks for joining us as we explore the Triangle with our little ones!

*A photograph from Sarah’s post on Ikea (Charlotte) was selected for use in a thematic study for the UN Global Report on Human Settlements 2013: Gender and Sustainable Urban Mobility (pdf), page 35.


Allison Carter 11-2012editAs the Bloggette Emeritus of Mom In Chapel Hill I am so proud of what I created and to see it continue and grow. I am still blogging both personally and professionally, so please stay in touch! A 2000 graduate of the University of Virginia, I majored in English then, upon graduation, promptly did nothing related to literature or writing.  The stints in journalism I did throughout my academic life didn’t lead to anything big, and I went in a different direction.I worked at PBS for many years in a great job that I believed in.  Yet since I was telecommuting, I knew it wasn’t a long term solution.  So when my husband (“DH”) and I decided to start our own family, I took the opportunity to leave the job and venture back to what I was passionate about.  Reporting.  Writing.  And that made me find Blogging for the first time.I also teach group fitness in the area, and was a professional ballet dancer then jazz dancer for many years.  I will always appreciate movement and music.I believe wholeheartedly in parents supporting parents.  It is certainly the hardest job out there.  Let’s be a team.

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